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Whovian since the 70s, I'm old enough to be able to laugh at ghastly childhood photos. I just had to share proof that I was TOUCHED BY ZOMBIE TOM BAKER back in 1984. I drifted away from Doctor Who after the show was cancelled, but finally got sucked in after the 50th when I discovered that Big Finish was putting out brand new audio episodes with the classic Who actors I remember watching.

I coined the term "Team Nerd" for Five and Nyssa. Circular Time is the title of one of their audio stories which I particularly enjoyed.

I started taking art lessons in February 2015, so please pardon my experiments and drawing practice.

If you want the good stuff, jump to my Photomanips gallery. Now and again I'll commission real artists to paint what I can't.


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captshade Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2017
Loved the wrap-up to the story...With just ONE minor nit. It's one, I have with most writers, involving Nyssa (that includes professional ones)...

She my have been naive to the ways of things, outside the Union of Traken. But she was hardly the innocent, people mistake her for.

She may have been a honest, and pure hearted soul. But she knew how to be secretive, and deceptive. Even in her very first story, we see this. She's quite well versed in palace intrigue. She took to the use of bribery, as if she'd done it before. And the Fosters, responded, as if she's done this, before. Only mildly surprised, when Adric picked the lock, to the Grove. Proved to be a stealthy individual. Knew how to turn an ion bonder, into a stun weapon. And though, she felt remorse, at having to shoot the Fosters, she didn't once hesitate, to pull the trigger. She's like this, through, the whole adventure. Basically, she's better at lying, than people think. Seems even people who know her, underestimate, who she was, when she started out.
captshade Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Not sure, when you'll see this...But...Happy Birthday!!!
captshade Featured By Owner Edited Nov 2, 2016
How soon will you be updating "Unrevealed Truths" I know RL can get in the way. But it's been a couple months, so I had to ask.

I couldn't help but notice an earlier conversation about Andy Pandy...
His last name in "Circular Time: Autumn" was Wittaker, but, for no apparent reason, was changed to Harper, in "The Eternal Summer". Meaning, even the writers couldn't remember his name...But then, you'd think after all the time Nyssa was with him, she would have remembered, on her own.

I was never fond of him...He pestered her into it. And was rather insulting, to boot. Although, thanks to "Cobwebs", I like him, even less...As she had to have been the same age, as Ms. Sutton, when they both left.  Which was 20. With how many audios, Young Nyssa's been in, and how many more she'll be in (4 coming up), she'll have spent several years in the TARDIS, by "Terminus" rolls around. Those years were just her, and the Doctor, not sure about before and after. But they've been also adding audios pre "Earthshock" and post "Arc of Infinity". At this point, I'm guessing she joined Team TARDIS at about 9-11 years old, in the BF universe. Making Andy Pandy a pedo...LOL. Unfortunately, this means they need to stop with the Nyssa stories. As much as I love Older Nyssa, Tegan pointing out Nys was 70, in "Cobwebs", kinda screwed up Nyssa's BF timeline.
Circular-Time Featured By Owner Edited Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*finally sees this*

Oh, that's distressing thought!

But that's based on the assumption that Nyssa was the same age as Sarah Sutton in Terminus but NOT the same age as Sarah Sutton in Castrovalva, in order to accommodate the additonal years inserted by Big Finish. Also, you're assuming that Tegan's guess about Nyssa's age in Cobwebs is correct.

Since that doesn't work, I suggest starting with a different set of assumptions?

Namely, that Nyssa was the same age as Sarah Sutton in Castrovalva, and older than she looked in Terminus. Tegan would be none the wiser, if Nyssa never told her how long she traveled with the Doctor while Tegan was back on Earth.

I've got a few reasons for thinking that.

For one thing, Nyssa's approximately Ann Talbot's age in Black Orchid, which means she's old enough to get married before the end of Season 19. (Black Orchid was filmed in October 1981, two months shy of Sarah's 20th birthday.) By Time-Flight, Sarah was 20 years old.

For another, when Tegan says "you look pretty good for seventy," Nyssa immediately corrects her, reminding Tegan (as if they've had this conversation before) that she's older than she looks. Similarly, in The Elite, Tegan complains that Nyssa shouldn't have forgotten where they stashed her belongings, because it's only been a few months since she left, but Nyssa corrects her: "For you, maybe, but for us it's been a little longer." Which is almost certainly a tactful understatement. 

(In fact, Nyssa's probably not sure any more, unless the TARDIS keeps a record of relative time since she came aboard.) 

Here's my Nyssa Timeline. Big Finish has inserted at least 2 years between Season 19 and 20; probably rather more since I'm only counting days/nights that are explicitly and definitively mentioned (for example, Black Orchid probably covered more than one day, since the Doctor & co stay for the funeral, but I only counted it as one day on my chart because we didn't see a definitive "night" pass after their arrival).

Then we come to the audio Circular Time. Enough time has passed between "Spring," "Summer," and "Autumn" for Nyssa's relationship with the Doctor to have changed: from ward and guardian, to partners, to old friends who are beginning to lead separate lives from one another. That transition has to cover a span of years, not months. More importantly, the writer of "Autumn" is clearly portraying Nyssa as a young woman, not a child. The Doctor respects her decisions about Andrew (even if he thinks 'that boy' is a tosser) because, in the Doctor's eyes, Nyssa is an adult and not a minor. I think we should trust the Doctor and the scriptwriter on that point.

If we have to adjust Nyssa's age to accommodate Big Finish, it makes far more sense to move her numerical age up at the end of her journey rather than lowering it at the start. Cobwebs provides the perfect excuse: She doesn't age at the same rate as humans, so 70something Nyssa looks like 50something Sarah. 

Okay, enough geeking.


Apologies for not replying sooner!

My enthusiasm for DA was dampened by negative feedback.

Occasionally, I get the urge to draw shippy stuff when I'm depressed and need to cheer myself up with fluff. Yet I'm well aware people don't like my ship, and I feel rather self-conscious about it. The last time I broke down and indulged in my guilty pleasure, I hid it in Scraps where those who consider it a NOTP would hopefully not see it on their dash. No such luck: almost immediately I received a comment informing me that the commenter didn't like the ship.  It's hard for me to work up enthusiasm for posting fanart when the thing I enjoy drawing most will be ignored, at best, or at worst, will attract "I don't approve of what gives you joy." 

(Which is silly, since others do enjoy that ship. But unfortunately I've got anxiety/depression that tends to amplify negative feedback and minimize positive feedback. It's my problem, not anyone else's, but it tends to dictate where I'm most active.) 

So I pulled back from DA. It wasn't just the shipping issue, but that was the straw that broke the camel's back. 

Instead, I'm invested in fandom communities and maintain four busy blogs on Tumblr. I've got two semi-dormant DW blogs and two semi-professional blogs (one of them that VHSWhovian review website). And, as you know, I write fanfic, although I sink so much time and effort into planning, rewriting, and polishing that every chapter takes months.

And that's quite apart from real life, where chronic illness cuts into my time and energy significantly. Since I can't be active everywhere, DA tends to be ones of the places (like DW) that get shortchanged. Sorry about that!
captshade Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
Well, in "Cold Fusion" (prose), she's listed as 18, so Chris can sex her up (Gods I hate Chris). I haven't listen to the adaptation, as I didn't like the book, too much. But her being 18 begs the question as to why the Doctor referred to her as a child, and deeming her  too young to drink...18 is the current drinking age, in England. And was 16, in 1925...She was legal, even if she was under 18.

Your timeline is absolute bare minimum amount of time. But, like weeks COULD mean 2 weeks, most people tend to mean 3 or more...It tends to go "a couple weeks" for 2, to "a few weeks" (or just "weeks" ) for more than 2.

And then there's no account for time, in between "adventures". And it's always been assumed (even by the writers), that Nyssa left at the same age as Sarah Sutton left the show. Meaning that if it was true, then "Cold Fusion" to "Terminus" was only 2 years.

And saying "I'm older than I look", isn't necessarily a correction. But could just be an explanation, why a 70 year old would look a young 50 year old. And I mean a young 50 year old. As Sarah Sutton really DOES look younger than her age.

And even if that did give a a couple year buffer, BF is still pumping out new audios, in all her team TARDIS incarnations. They'd fill that gap, really quick.

That being said...I'm enjoying your Tumbler. And your review site. I even comment on your about section on that site, as I thought my age post may have upset you, as you'd vanished for 3 months. And it was the only place I could contact you, that wasn't here...As Facebook is my only social media.
Circular-Time Featured By Owner Edited Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, what upset me was having to hide my shippy art in Scraps where people who didn't like it wouldn't have to see it, and then having people follow me even there to tell me it was their NoTP. Rather spoils it when I have to self-censor and hide my fandom from fandom.
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517NewCreation Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday!!!  :aww:  :party:  :bounce: 
ZygonBonnie Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav, love you *_*

517NewCreation Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Plot bunny:  (I'm kind of 'meh' about what happened in Autumn but...) I've been thinking: what if in an alternate universe Nyssa had stayed on Earth with that boy she met in Stockbridge whose last name I can't remember and the Doctor, on another trip to Stockbridge (probably to play cricket, possibly accompanied by Tegan and Turlough) checks on her. 
Circular-Time Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THAT BOY... you know, I can't remember Andrew's last name either. I found it such a depressing thought that Nyssa would give up everything she is to stay with him, but yeah. It would be a little like The Harvest only with Nyssa being the one on Earth, defending the right to have a boring and quiet life. At least she'd be safer, and her life would be less traumatic. And Tegan winds up being the daring one?

Of course, I can't see Nyssa sticking to nothing but writing or postmistress; she might get involved with Andrew's social work and from there branch out to AIDS or ebola research or some such.

I suppose it could work. I imagine the Doctor might be hard pressed to curb his impertinent streak that comes out when he's feeling protective of someone; he was fairly brusque with Andrew the one time they crossed paths, and he spent all of Androzani sassing people who hit on Peri. 
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